Create Your Own Custom Ink Library

With Virtual InkBooks™ you can…

  • Mix & match Pantone and Custom Colors
  • Easily enter color data in Lab or Spectral formats
  • Save and Reuse Libraries for future projects
  • Provides support for a variety of printing applications
  • Export libraries to Adobe Illustrator
  • Cloud-based remote access

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Animated Virtual InkBooks TM

From our clients

“With Virtual InkBooks™ whenever any graphic artist is going to work with that color, they will be working with the same variable. Significans Automation really delivered a great solution for our needs.”

– James Hawton, Director of IT and Automation, Bay Cities

“Now that we have Virtual InkBooks™ it helps prevent the graphic artist from having to recreate custom brand colors each time, and it streamlines the naming convention, saving design time, and improving our turn arounds on color management.”

– Andreu Carroll, Graphic Designer, Bay Cities

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wanted to manage an ink library on a project-by-project basis, you could add the Pantone colors to the project and assign a different name for that custom library i.e., Project XYZ. For example, if your project is for a brand like Home Depot, there is a certain range of colors that would go along with that customer.

Importing and exporting data is quite easy if the file is in CXF as well as text, XML, and/or JSON formats.

At Significans Automation, we often say, “We cannot automate unless we standardize.” Therefore, we emphasize the importance of starting from the same swatch values to improve the control of the results.

Users can open the ink library through the plugin in Illustrator and select those swatches. The workflow will add them to your swatch palette for later use.

Data is stored as LAB, new ink can be added using LAB, RGB or CMYK.

Everyone has access to the same consistent information. That custom color is now in the system, and it is available to the graphics operators to easily grab from the customer project.

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