A Few Words From Our Clients

Significans Automation exists to create custom-made color-managed digital production workflows for our clients throughout the graphic arts industry. Our goal is to deliver sophisticated prepress automation that will help our clients thrive in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.
As a professional services company, we can only sell on trust. We have had the privilege of servicing customers through their transformational endeavors and are honored to have fulfilled their challenges and accomplished their goals. Here are a few:


“When we set out on this journey, we weren’t just looking for a vendor, we wanted a partner relationship that could help us best navigate our foray into the world of automation, and we found that partner in Significans Automation.”

– Lucero Kabashima, Prepress Manager at Printivity


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“At SuperGraphics, we excel at providing a tailored experience for our clients with a vast number of products, delivered with the highest quality and precision. In addition, we strive to be the most eco-friendly printer in the nation, offering products to our clients that lower their carbon footprint as well as ours. We have worked together with Significans Automation to develop & implement workflows that allow us to focus on delivering the same quality with higher precision and less waste. The team understands our need and works tirelessly in tandem with ours to continue to increase a high level of productivity and accuracy.”

– Jacob Meier, Pre-press / Automation Specialist SuperGraphics

“Print Geek approached Significans Automation a few years ago with a unique prepress automation challenge that the business was struggling with. Within a few months of development, Significans created a fully automated, turnkey solution that helped build the foundation of what now is a successful web to print business. We can now process thousands of unique jobs per day with minimal hands-on interaction, which has minimized human errors and increased our profitability.”

– Dan Neto, President Print Geek

Brendan Howard

“As a large format Print Service Provider focused on customized graphics, Significans played an instrumental role in helping us automate our Preflighting workflows. The project continues to deliver very strong ROI. The workflows have made us significantly faster, and allowed our team to focus on high-value work for our clients. Significans not only structured the overall approach but taught our team how to configure, allowing us to manage and innovate our processes on an ongoing basis.”

– Brendan Howard, President Category 5

Scott Boingo Graphics

“Significans Automation has been more than a vendor – they have been a true partner for Boingo Graphics.  They helped take our underutilized Automation Engine prepress workflow software, and customize it so that it is integrated into our business. We now have an optimized software investment that helps us service our customers in a very unique and fast way.”

– Scott Nowokunski, President Boingo Graphics

greg wright

“Significans Automation helped us adopt and integrate the Esko WebCenter Project Management System thereby creating a more efficient and profitable workflow for our company. They customized the software precisely to our digital needs. We are now able to process our orders more efficiently with fewer errors, increasing our capacity by 30% year over year.”

– Greg Wright, President & CEO Wright Global Graphics

bay cities

“ESKO WebCenter and Automation Engine are some of the best software solutions in the industry. Significans takes this to a new level! We can now get a job on our printer 60% faster than we used to, making our automation a reality!”

– Jim Hawton, Director of IT & Design  Bay Cities

Joe Lydic

“When only understanding the tip of the iceberg of WebCenter’s capabilities, one can draw your own conclusions as to what kind of possibilities this software can bring to you. You get a picture in your head of how, and what you want it to do, no – NEED it to do. You sketch out a plan, you gather some research, and you present your proposal. Once you have received approval, now the work begins.

Significans Automation was amazing in bringing this plan to life. Constantly bombarding them with directive scenarios that all began with, “I need it to do…” Not one time did I get a response of, “it can’t do that.” Significans Automation brought the plan to life, as well as honed our staff to be self-monitoring and self-sufficient in creating new programming for future expansion. Significans Automation had partnered with us to help us succeed, and with an agile implementation, we were able to stick to our timeline and meet all our goals and objectives. Significans Automation is definitely an organization to recommend.”

– Joe Lydic, Art Director ProAmpac

Neil Waldrop

“Significans Automation took the time to study our needs and previous workflow to put together a package that has impacted our bottom line. They exceeded our expectations and have helped us to produce higher quality work, decrease lead times, reduce errors all without having to hire more Prepress Employees.  Significans built on to our existing workflows to include more automation, which cut the time spent preparing graphics and proofing by 50%. Significans continues to be an excellent source for troubleshooting issues, implementing more automation, and improving quality and turnaround. We look forward to continuing to do work with the Significans team.”

– Neil Waldrop, COO/Owner Century Printing and Packaging


“I’d say our production capacity has tripled based on the innovations and improvements Significans has made. Every time they automated something for us, it was like finding money in our pocket.”

– Ben Nell, President of HCL Labels


“Significans Automation helped us automate the work that no one wanted to do so that we could help our clients do more creative work in higher volumes with fewer people. With the right kind of automation, even smaller print facilities like ours benefit tremendously.”

– Leiman Chan, Chief Executive Officer at Nonstop Printing


“Our team took the Advancements to Workflow Management training course from Significans Automation in 2023. The course was well presented, easy to understand and valuable for all. I would highly recommend this program to any company looking to foster teamwork and increase productivity.”

– Stacey Turner, Prepress Manager ArtCraft Label Inc.

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Significans delivers increased profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling Artificial Intelligence while also facilitating new revenue opportunities in Web-to-print and E-commerce.