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What we offer

As deployment experts and certified integrators, we provide an array of solutions that are tailored for the environment that they are meant for. Custom configured developments for the industry’s foundational software have proven to have highly regarded results in the areas of time recovery, efficiency, error reduction and natural capacity growth. Here is a sampling of some solutions that we often deliver in agile:

  • Prepress Automation

  • Foundational Software Deployments
  • Advanced Branded Preflighting

  • Relevant Special Skill Training
  • Auto-Artwork Cleanup and Fix

  • Label and Packaging Workflow Automation
  • Automated Layout, Nesting, Imposition, Tiling, Smart-Ganging
  • Business System Integrations:

    • MIS / ERP
    • CRM
    • E-commerce and Web-to-Print
    • Shipping Systems
    • Accounting Systems
  • Color Management Solutions: inbooks_logo_tm_with_sig_logo

  • Cloud-based Approval and Collaboration Development
  • Customized Project Management and Order Entry Development
  • Auto Shipping Labeling Workflows
  • Workflow Scripting and Custom Coding

  • Brand Management Solutions
  • Digital Asset Management Solutions
  • Packaging Prepress
  • Streamlining Process Implementations
  • Automated Material Handling Systems

Get it done up to


ROI: Our customers see a return on investment within months of deployment. They report time savings of 90% and up to 800% increase in productivity. Jobs that usually required many hours of labor can be reduced to as little as 2 to 8 minutes with the right automation. In short, we help our customers gain huge time and labor savings.


Significans Automation provides print suppliers and brand owners that use industry leading prepress software with an advanced level of customization, deployment, and functionality. Our analysts and developers have the expertise, knowledge, and vision combined with an inventory of sophisticated programming solutions to allow customers to optimize performance from their foundational software.

For all types of businesses

Significans Automation can streamline for a wide range of businesses— processes, systems, and resources.

Seeking a singular platform for collaboration and approval with project management and lifecycle management, along with a digital asset management system.
The perfect customer service solution for advanced sequential and tracking approval.

The opportunity to break company silos and administer a communication platform that is a foundational printing and packaging management system.

Manage, Execute, Collaborate, and Approve on a single platform that is built for your distinct needs.

Integration is the fuel for an ultra-efficient business + teams that perform!

  • Improve customer experience
  • Achieve project management goals
  • Effective Lifecycle management
  • Automatically route assets to DAM
  • Boost teamwork, communication, and productivity (reduce departmental silos)
  • Realize faster approval cycles and order times
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Improve quality control and decrease costs
  • Create the perfect handshake with a production eco-system

Offset, Digital small and large format printers who aspire to have advanced levels of prepress automation that are integrated into the existing business systems.

Printers can now take “off-the-shelf” foundational software from the leading software OEMs and attain higher utilization through customization with cultural and environmental process optimization.

By using advanced coding and custom configuring of the pertinent software the investment returns are immediately fulfilled with higher utilization and business efficiencies.

Printers and Converters of all kinds can now achieve the ability to remove mundane operator tasks such as preflighting and allow for advanced preflighting and auto-fix capabilities with patterning and AI. Integrated and optimized imposition, planning, nesting, step and repeat, and ganging that is part of a workflow solution is easily fulfilled with the least number of touchpoints in the business.

Corrugated companies seeking digital advancements and innovations will benefit from prepress integration and the development of sophisticated automated workflow adoption. MIS / ERP and CRM integration along with e-commerce and web-to-print solutions can now be part of an integrated ecosystem that facilitates the least amount of human intervention through special custom coding and configuring to optimize the production environment for corrugation.

CAD and Palletization solutions become even more relevant to the co-existence of other software to facilitate end-to-end production. In essence with customized development, corrugated plants can now maximize the prospects of an unmanned environment while gaining new revenue streams through online opportunities.

Advanced preflighting with auto-fix facilitates the ever-seeking opportunity of removing mundane tasks from the customer service, order engineering, prepress departments while investing in an approval and project management system will augment the communication throughout the business while offering visibility to the customers of their assets project milestones, and next developments.

While the label space has adopted digital innovations, the flexible packaging space is still in its market infancy to embrace digital output so it is imperative that a foundation for automation is adopted and customized for the business to adopt other digital output devices very briskly.

For all types of contributors

No matter which stream in the process workflow, you can minimize touchpoints and boost collaboration.

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Solving the industry’s biggest problems

As a software and process integrator, Significans Automation delivers increased profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling Artificial Intelligence to facilitate new revenue opportunities in Web-to-print and E-commerce.