The Significans Network is an exclusive peer-to-peer community for our customers.

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The Significans Network App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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We cherish the opportunity to have our customers network with one another to foster an incredible future in the printing and packaging industry. The initiative comes thanks to our customers wanting to foster a path forward with communication and partnerships.

On the Significans Network App, you’ll experience the opportunity to…

  • Collaborate with likeminded innovative leaders
  • Build valuable relationships / alliances
  • Interact in groups specific to your area of expertise
  • Connect your team to peers with similar job functions
  • Secure and private direct messaging
  • Be inspired with new ideas and solutions
  • Free from advertising and sales

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Solving the industry’s biggest problems

As a software and process integrator, Significans Automation delivers increased profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling Artificial Intelligence to facilitating new revenue opportunities in Web-to-print and E-commerce.