What we deliver

Significans Automation exists to create custom-made color-managed digital production workflows for our clients throughout the printing and packaging industry. Our goal is to deliver sophisticated prepress automation that will help our clients thrive in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Our customers have reported time savings of 90%, and up to 800% increase in productivity


Replace countless hours of labor with minutes of automated tasks


Sophisticated automated workflows built with ease


Workflows such as Esko Automation and Enfocus Switch, tailored to your individual needs

What You will Gain with our Services

Our customers can monetize time savings, error reduction, effective management, and streamline their operations from our services.

The ROI measurement is significant, and the adaptation is easy and modern.


Solving the industry’s biggest problems

As a software and process integrator, Significans Automation delivers increased profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling Artificial Intelligence to facilitating new revenue opportunities in Web-to-print and E-commerce.