Integrating off-the-shelf workflow automation software with your shop’s current systems can be a frustrating, complex, time-consuming, and a costly nightmare. At the end of the day, your efforts may still not eliminate inefficiencies and errors! That’s where Significans Automation comes in. We’re experts in customized integration solutions, by removing the complexities software platforms bring, and achieving the highest levels of automation by way of seamless integration. It’s at our core. It’s ingrained in our DNA.

There’s a lot of talk these days about the necessity of “automation” and “integration”. But be forewarned. With literally dozens of different workflow software products on the market today, how do you “mix and match” to determine what works best in your unique production environment? What specific software do you need and what is unnecessary to fit your application needs? Most importantly, how can they be affordable to yield maximum benefit?

For example, how do you integrate new workflow software with the complex myriad of DFEs (Digital Front Ends), Print MIS (Management Information Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems used by printers worldwide? The simple fact is pre-built workflows or API’s, will only get you so far. They must be carefully and meticulously integrated into your current systems to achieve optimal efficiency. They must ‘talk to each other’ in a way that streamlines all your shop’s tasks every production day. That’s where we come in!

Proven results

We are the largest print-shop software integrator in North America. Our team of workflow specialists has over 100 years of combined, hands-on, production-floor experience helping print and packaging print companies across the U.S. and Canada. Most of all, we know the industry’s leading workflow software products inside-out, what they can and can’t do, and how they can be integrated into a printing business to achieve maximum efficiencies and fast ROI. What kind of efficiencies are we talking about? For starters:

• Up to a 90% increase in overall efficiency
• Savings of $7,500 per month
• A 30% increase in yearly capacity
• Imposition times cut from one day to less than one hour
• Production output doubled without adding employees
• Several hours of employee work reduced to mere minutes
• Job preparation times reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes
• Prepress hours reduced by 50%
• Productivity increased from 10 to over 50 jobs a day
• Labor costs cut by over 50%
• Up to an 800% reduction in prepress staff requirements
• A Return on Investment (ROI) measured in weeks and months, not years

These are documented results from real printers across North America. (

An Enfocus Platinum Partner
World-leading workflow software suppliers also recognize Significans Automation’s expertise. In fact, we are an Enfocus Platinum Partner with numerous certifications for its industry-leading products such as PitStop, Switch, Griffin, and Phoenix. Enfocus creates some of the most versatile automation software for print-file handling across the global printing industry, delivered through a worldwide community of experts and solution partners, of which are proud to be a member.

Printing is what you do best. Software integration is what we do best.

Here’s the bottom line: Do you want to spend your time producing printed masterpieces, adding new customers, and growing your business? Or are you getting mired in trying to sort out which automation software mix is best for your unique production environment? For example, when you purchase new printing or finishing equipment, do you really have the time to understand how their DFEs might integrate seamlessly into your shop’s overall workflow? And if you currently use print MIS, ERP or CRM systems, do they communicate with each other, and can they be integrated seamlessly with your other systems to achieve ‘full automation’ and ‘full integration’? We have the people, the product knowledge, and the production-floor expertise to start you on your journey to full automation right now – and realize the unprecedented cost savings and efficiencies that our clients have experienced.

For a review of your shop’s specific workflow automation needs, please call Significans Automation at 1-877-463-4465 or visit You’ll be directed not to a salesperson or a third party, but one of our regional workflow automation and integration experts who has years of hands-on, print shop, production-floor experience.

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