In a perfect world, print-shop owners can choose from a pool of skilled workers if they want to hire an in-house workflow solutions architect. Unfortunately, for the past several decades, the recruitment and retention of skilled workers in the printing industry continues to be a major roadblock to success. There is a lack of pro-active, consistent recruitment, so those who do make their way into print usually do so more by accident than by design. There is also printing’s poor image as a mundane, labor-intensive career, combined with a lack of training and mentoring – all making it more difficult to attract and retain employees. For example, in an April 2022 report from the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG), nearly 70% of its members surveyed said that they were not able to fill a huge 36% of their open positions for over a year!

The real costs of hiring versus an experienced workflow consultant

But most importantly, in addition to this problem, owners may not be aware of the indirect or ‘hidden’ costs of hiring a new employee and deploying DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions that may or may not work or adapt to changing production needs over time. In our experience, the costs of hiring a new employee can often be much greater than those involved in hiring a consultant – and the added costs usually go well beyond just annual salaries or hourly rates when you include such things as:

  • Insurance (health, dental, life)
  • Pension contributions
  • Annual bonuses
  • Payroll taxes (company-paid portion)
  • Sick days and annual vacations
  • Office space, computer equipment, furniture, phone systems, etc.

These costs can add up and significantly impact your bottom line. There is also the chance that employees may eventually wish to move on to another job or are not a good fit within your corporate culture – regardless of your sincere efforts to keep them in your company.

The advantages of using an experienced Significans workflow consultant

Significans Automation offers a clear – and above all affordable, flexible, and risk-free – alternative to hiring permanent employees. Aside from our team’s combined 100+ years of hands-on print-shop workflow and integration experience, you can retain our services for 10, 20, 30 or over 40 hours a month. Our integration solutions can be customized depending on your specific production needs. And because we know the industry and its workflow software products inside-out, we can offer ongoing solutions as your business grows and evolves. We offer solution design, custom integration, project management, seamless communication, color management, prepress training and more – in addition to end-to-end business integration.

Bottom line: If you can envision your ideal workflow scenario, we can create it and manage it – without the risks and added costs of hiring new employees.

Please call us – we’re here to help

Since our founding in 2018, printers across North America have trusted us to both implement and to manage all their in-shop, end-to-end automation needs. Significans will help you fully and cost-effectively realize the cost-cutting, efficiency, stability, and predictability that customized automation of all your in-shop processes brings.

Contact Significans Automation today and let us to customize and execute your “big picture” vision of a truly automated and integrated production workflow. Call 1-877-463-4465 or visit You’ll be directed not to a salesperson or a third party, but to one of our regional workflow automation and integration experts who has years of hands-on, print shop, production-floor experience.

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