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Sustainability is now part of other powerful trends steering significant transformation in the printing and packaging industry. Businesses are taking proactive steps to improve the sustainability of their packaging and rethink their packaging systems.

There will be a considerable effect on packaging companies which may threaten their existence in the sector. But those companies with innovation capabilities like automated packaging systems and print workflow automation may grow significantly.

Businesses will need to be proactive in getting packaging solutions as customer demands and regulatory restrictions increase. Continue reading so that you can learn why it is so important to embrace transformation and sustainability.

1. Sustainability Through Automation

Manufacturers are using packaging automation to meet their green packaging targets. At the same time, they are addressing other concerns related to industrial sustainability.

Minimizing the total volume of packaging is good for the business. Lighter packaging saves resources, is beneficial to the planet, and can reduce material prices.

Lowering a product’s footprint saves money across the supply chain by reducing the space needed in warehouses and during delivery.

Automated packaging firms are investing in modular machines that can change their functions as needed. Others have robots with diverse end-of-arm tooling proficiencies to assist humans complete some tasks.

Such a flexible automated package processing system eases and speeds the transition to environmentally responsible and innovative materials.

2. Consumer Awareness

Public awareness of packaging waste leakage into the surroundings has risen to an all-time high in the past12–24 months. The Visceral images of the impact of pollution caused by ocean plastics have stirred up public sentiment globally.

Around 55% of consumers are highly concerned about the effect of product packaging on the environment.

People like packaging materials developed from recycled goods that are recyclable again. The number of recyclable packaging and renewable material options will continue to grow. This is because more firms are investing in sustainable methods, and technology improves.

3. AI and Robotics Changing the Recycling Game

AI is providing a better path to sustainable packaging.

After recyclables have been used and collected, they are sent to a materials recovery plant (MRF). Tons of recyclable products are sorted and packaged at MRFs every day before being shipped to other facilities. Here, they are changed to an increasing list of new recycled-content goods.

Some robots can grab and sort cartons from the conveyor belt as recyclables are sorted. Some minimize the cost of recycling while allowing smart recycling facilities. They also give details about the efficiency of the flow of materials and equipment.

4. Government Regulations

Governments are responding to consumers’ concerns on packaging waste. They are introducing rules to improve waste management processes.
Some of the largest and most developed countries are introducing new legislation. They want to promote sustainability.

In contrast, others continue to operate normally, with few or no regulations in place.

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