With Customized Training and Development Services through Significans Automation, you can do more with the technology and people you already have, invigorate your teams, reduce employee burnout, and future-proof your business. In other words, we can make you self-sufficient when it comes to workflow automation – without the high costs of outside education or general courses.


Solving the ongoing problem of recruitment and retention in the printing industry

An April 2022 report from the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG) and its regional printing associations pinpointed a huge problem within print shops worldwide (https://www.piag.org/news/recruitment-retention-and-pathways-to-employment-in-the-printing-industry). In its report, Recruitment, Retention, and Pathways to Employment in the Printing Industry, the PIAG examined ways that its member printing firms were meeting the frustrating challenge of a shrinking labor pool. Nearly 70% of respondents said that labor shortages had affected their businesses, and job turnover had averaged 14%. Most importantly, employers said that they were not able to fill a huge 36% of their open positions for more than one year! This remains a huge issue in our industry.

Specialized training for impact

Did you know that, since our inception, we’re often asked to provide customized training services – in addition to customized workflow automation and integration? In our experience serving literally hundreds of printing businesses across North America and visiting 20 to 30 print shops per month, most owners we talk to want to keep the staff they already have – and make sure they’re happy and eager to come to work every day. But they also want them to be more productive. The best way to do both is to invigorate staffers by teaching them the latest techniques in workflow automation and integration. They’ll have more skills to offer and as a result, will feel more valued and appreciated – not to mention much more confident and efficient.

The best investment in yourself and your employees

One of the problems in this area has always been the high cost of education as well as employees taking too much time off work for off-location training. Significans Automation has solved both issues. We offer surprisingly affordable, highly customized training services (offered remotely), designed to meet your unique production needs. Our comprehensive training services, delivered by automation specialists with over 100 years of combined, hands-on experience, cover a wide range of skills and knowledge areas. Unlike many training courses, they are not a “one-size-fits-all solution.”

Our training can also be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each production environment and each application within the business (especially as many businesses have diversified themselves into new / other competencies in the past decade). They cover a wide variety of key areas including prepress, coding, scripting, development services, and many more. We can even create a training course specifically for your company’s employees and management teams.

What we can do for you

We offer relevant, practical, engaging, and easy-to-learn training services for production teams, that are highly tailored to your unique business needs and specific in-house applications. And because integration is at the core of what we do, we fully understand the importance of equipping your team with the skills they need to thrive now and in the future. Unlike some expensive general courses, we’re not just about theory. Our training is hands-on, based on decades of shop-floor experience, all with one goal in mind – your ongoing success in the form of never-before-realized cost-cutting and unprecedented efficiencies. Here are just a few examples of our training solutions:

  • Customized content directly applicable to the daily tasks and challenges you face. We offer flexible training programs – from one-on-one coaching to short workshops, to comprehensive courses.
  • Job Training cater to diverse workforces and can be designed to accommodate an employee’s or manager’s individual skill level.
  • CX customer-centric approach that focuses on meeting specific learning objectives and desired outcomes to improve the client experience (CX).
  • Training solutions that are highly scalable and can be personalized to fit your business size and needs, whether for individuals or for teams.
  • A customized syllabus of training courses can be created for subject areas relevant to your business, such as prepress, submission procedures, data handling, management, quality checks, proofs, layout, project coordination and more.
    • Workflow Mastery will make you an expert in optimizing your print production operations, reducing bottlenecks, and streamlining processes with the long-term goal of maximizing efficiency and cost savings.

Recent training success stories

Coding and Scripting

Leiman Chan, owner of Los Angeles-based Nonstop Printing, was taught advanced programming including coding and scripting. “He loved every minute of it,” recalled Significans President Marc Raad. “Significans Automation showed me how to create these incredible workflows and time-saving automation,” Chan recalled. He is now able to integrate and automate all critical aspects of his workflow – including proofing, file delivery, finishing, and bindery.

Specialized Training

Alain Paquette, President of Artcraft Label in Burlington, Ontario, took the Advancements to Workflow Management training course from Significans Automation in 2023. “Almost immediately after starting the training, we noticed many benefits. The course was well presented, easy to understand and valuable for all. I would highly recommend this program to any company looking to foster teamwork and increase productivity.”

Education and Coaching

Complete Design & Packaging in Concord, North Carolina, is a leader in brand excellence through creative packaging and display solutions. Kendall Goss, Senior Prepress Operator, received training during a company-wide software integration project. “Significans has been a great asset to the growth of our company and my personal career as well,” he remarked after completing several hours of training.

Building customized automation
“We have worked with Significans workflow specialists on several projects and have been very happy. They’ve built prepress automation workflows for us in Enfocus Switch, as well as trained several members of our team on how to build workflows themselves. These projects have improved efficiency and employee satisfaction because they get to work on the activities they enjoy rather than repetitive tasks. The Significans specialists are automation experts, they’re always helpful and looking to understand our priorities and needs better.”  – Chief Information Officer – Promotional Products & Commercial Printing organization.

Call us today

The printing industry and the world of customized print-shop automation and integration are constantly evolving – and so must our training courses.


For a review of your shop’s specific training needs, please call Significans Automation at 1-877-463-4465. You’ll be directed not to a salesperson or a third party, but to one of our regional workflow automation and integration experts who has years of hands-on, production-floor experience.

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