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What’s in the box? In the future, will there even be a box? Maybe an impervious, box-like hologram will carry packages.

As technology continues to disrupt every industry it touches, it will upend packaging solutions, too. The days of the brown rectangular box may be long gone.

The future of packaging is now. See what’s new in this industry by reading on.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Packaging has already changed for the better.

Eco-friendly packaging methods abound. Biodegradable packaging peanuts, corrugated bubble wrap, cornstarch packaging, and more are already in use.

Packaging has not only become more environmentally-friendly, but smarter as well. Automated packaging systems are ruthlessly efficient and as perfect as can be. They can save your company thousands on labor and materials.

Automation comes in different flavors. There is full automation and semi-automation.

Semi-automation is better suited for smaller businesses with inconsistent or low production needs. Semi-automation is a good idea for companies that want to test automation out before fully committing to it. You can see which parts of your business benefit the most from it, and which should be left to humans.

Full automation removes humans entirely. It’s best for companies that process hundreds or thousands of shipments a week (or a day).

Imagine how many more boxes you could fill with packing peanuts and how many more cartons you could seal with automation. The finished products will also have fewer blemishes.

You’ll still need humans to move packages and start the system. They’ll just have less to do.

High-Tech Packaging

Let’s focus a little more on the many benefits of automated packaging systems.

They’re faster, sometimes significantly so. Their speed gives your workers more time to, say, take care of customers’ concerns or fulfill orders.

The finished package is of higher quality when made by a robot rather than a human. That’s important because a well-packaged product is necessary for your company to make a good first impression on a customer.

With automated packaging, you’re guaranteed that the machines will meet the standards set in their programming. Perfection (or close to it) is all but assured.

Finally, automated packaging is good for both your bottom line and the environment. Automation wastes fewer materials than human-made packaging.

Think of the precision that automation provides. A machine can cut metal into packaging pieces with a degree of exactitude that no human could dream of reaching.

The same machine won’t waste any of the source material. Every time, it will produce a near-perfect product.

Pack to the Future

It’s 2021 and packaging solutions have been as modernized as everything else has. As the world trends toward automation, you either keep up with the times or get left behind.

What will you choose? The same old, outdated cardboard boxes of yesteryear or the innovative solutions of today?

Choose wisely. Choose Significans Automation today for all of your printing and packaging needs.

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