There are personal relationships based on love, intimacy, trust, and respect. Then again, there are strong, long-lasting business relationships. These are built on mutual trust, respect, cooperation, value – and above all, helpful ongoing support. In other words, “We’ll always be there for you.” This has been our guiding principle each and every day since we began helping printers and packaging companies of all sizes back in 2018.

The Significans Automation team not only prides itself on cultivating lasting friendships with our customers, but also shares in the excitement of their many successes. We’re absolutely overjoyed to hear how they’ve overcome obstacles, both in their personal lives and their business careers, and now have a clear path to future growth thanks to customized workflow automation. We’re talking about real printers experiencing real results. These include:

• Up to a 90% increase in overall efficiency

• A 30% increase in yearly capacity

• Several hours of employee work reduced to mere minutes

• Job preparation times reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes

• Productivity increased from 10 to over 50 jobs a day

• Labor costs cut by over 50%

• Up to an eight-fold reduction in prepress staff requirements

• A Return on Investment (ROI) measured in weeks and months, not years


Our clients are more than just customers…..

…..much more than just another sale. On a first-name basis, we share a deep understanding of their needs, their vision, and their business strategies. Our commitment to personalized services goes well beyond the work we do. We’re well connected throughout the industry, always striving to nurture lasting relationships.

And that includes partnering in the same helpful way with other leading software suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), robotics companies, and many other like-minded industry leaders. This helps us to bring more benefits to our customers.


We value our long-time client relationships

For example, there’s Roland Greene (center, Director of Prepress Operations) at Dusobox in Orlando, Florida, seen here with Significans President Marc Raad (left), and Stan Carmichael (Significans, Special Projects) at a local restaurant in August of 2023.

There’s Jim Hawton (left), Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) at Bay Cities Packaging & Design in Pico Rivera, California, seen here with Marc Raad.

There’s Leiman Chan (right), CEO at Nonstop Printing in Los Angeles, California, whose personal story is as inspiring as his current success, seen here with Marc at a Korean BBQ in June of 2023.

There’s CEO Neil Waldrop (center) and President Ben Waldrop (right) from Century Printing and Packaging in Greer, South Carolina, ready to enjoy some delicious Southern BBQ with Marc in June of 2023.


Their personal and business stories have truly inspired us

It’s so satisfying to have a front-row seat and see how they lead, innovate, and prosper in their chosen markets. Every single member of the Significans Automation team aspires to cultivate long-term relationships based on the values of mutual respect, trust, loyalty, honest open communication, reliability, and consistency. At the end of the day, the respect and trust flourish naturally – like a gift where friendships, “bromances” and new brotherhoods emerge!


Here’s a short video highlighting specific results from some of our clients:


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