Among the senior managers and business executives who gathered in Florida in November for the Digital Packaging Summit 2022, Bay Cities’ CTO, Jim Hawton led a presentation sharing his unique insights into how Significans Automation’s custom ink libraries solution helped the California company accelerate the color approval process and optimize their business.

As a leading developer and integrator of custom solutions for the printing and packaging industry, Summit gold sponsor Significans Automation brought together users and other experts to discuss how its newly released Virtual InkBooks solution reduces the variables, costs, and manpower associated with managing color consistency, especially with re-orders.

The Color Tracking Challenge

At the session, Hawton explained Bay Cities’ motivation for seeking to improve the color matching process: “We asked ourselves: ‘How do we track color to make sure it’s being reproduced properly every time?’” Repeating the manual color correction process because staff can’t properly track changes already made to a particular color on a previous job inevitably results in longer makeready times and more errors, explained Hawton.

He recalled approaching Significans Automation for assistance in this area. “The solution was Virtual InkBooks,” he explains. “With Virtual InkBooks, we now have a specific location where we can store the color information and the LAB values that we worked on for a particular machine to get the results we wanted,”

Concludes Hawton: “It’s important to keep equipment in tune but it is also important to keep our data in tune. Virtual InkBooks is the tool that allows us to do this.”

The only automation vendor at the Digital Packaging Summit to present its solutions through the eyes of real customers, Significans Automation continues to demonstrate its willingness to truly listen to the real-world challenges its customers face and deliver enterprise-enhancing software and services to meet those challenges.

Improve Your Digital Printing Strategy

Do you feel that your color approval process has too many failure points? If you need to reduce variables, costs, and manpower, Virtual InkBooks is a must-see. Contact us today to learn more about how a custom ink libraries solution can benefit your business.

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