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Society has become increasingly reliant on the internet. Consumers are conducting in-depth research on products prior to making a purchase. Internet orders are expected to reach $4 Trillion in sales worldwide. Online shoppers demand variety and immediate availability. High quality, specialty brands are in great demand. This has led to the increased need for specialized and unique branded packaging. Quick, cost-effective manufacturing is a requirement. The only way to meet these expectations is by offering creative solutions, implementing production efficiencies, and improving manufacturing processes.

The current trends in the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) market requires innovative solutions that reduce costs, increase manufacturing capabilities, and provide unique products. Traditional methods are hindered by too many obstacles to complete the final product. Automated workflow solutions help to simplify the time to production. Print businesses that have integrated automation and leveraged e-commerce strategies have seen average increases of over 25% in profits.

Trends in technology are providing increased productivity through improved processing power. Equipment manufacturers are developing faster, more accurate print and finishing solutions. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and smart robotics integration has increased production capabilities. Repeatable and reliable automation allows you to accept a wider variety of projects. Automation reduces manufacturing costs by removing manual intervention. Minimizing the potential for errors and providing the metrics necessary to maintain operating costs will lead to increased profits.

Ultimately, the consumer is driving the necessity for innovation. By introducing appropriate automation strategies, you are aligning with a consumer-driven economy that is demanding change.

Author: George Compiani – My 20 plus years in the print industry has focused on disruptive, innovative technology. The industry has seen a tremendous shift in print solutions. The internet has had a profound influence on the value of printing. My focus has been to understand how technology has improved and transformed communications. Technology and Automation will provide the improvements that Print Service Providers need to stay competitive. I’ve had the good fortune of working with industry leaders, which allows me to share best practices and successful programs. This is a “Consumer” driven economy, and your value is helping deliver a better customer experience. He can be reached at or via LinkedIn.

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