automated packaging systems

Automated packaging systems are here to stay. Have you ever considered implementing them in your business? If not, prepare for a surprise. Automation can improve efficiency and help streamline your operations.

Robotic technology has become so precise, it can mimic the fine motor hand movements used in manufacturing tasks.

Companies that use automatic packaging technology reap the benefits of a hi-tech workplace. These benefits include decreased costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Here’s an overview of packaging automation and how you can make it work for your printing business.

What Is An Automated Packaging System?

Automated packaging trends have replaced some of the mundane repetitive tasks that workers have performed in manufacturing. Case studies have shown that companies that implement automated packaging experience an excellent return on investment (ROI).

In the past, there has been a fear of artificial intelligence taking over and eliminating jobs for people. However, the actual goal of automated packaging is to help humans and make their work easier.

Current printing industry trends point to increased robotics use in the future. This is also the case for packaging industry trends.

What Can Automated Systems Do?

Automated systems for packaging have evolved to do a variety of things that save time and ultimately, money. Here is a partial list to give you an idea of their capabilities.

Picking and Packing
Picking and packing are necessary for all printing companies. This activity most often takes place in warehouses before and after manufacturing. Technicians program robots to pick and pack at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Packaging or de-packaging also occurs throughout the manufacturing process. It introduces product components to an assembly line or prepares them for boxing or shipping.

This step often requires a robot’s very finest motor skills for opening, lifting, transferring, and positioning objects.

Boxing involves the robot opening containers and placing products into them as they come off the production line. When fully automated, the process is quick and efficient.

Storing involves taking boxed products and moving them to a pallet, then taking full pallets and stacking them in a warehouse. Since much of this is repetitive, it’s easily converted to automated systems.

Shipping involves retrieving packaged products and moving them to the shipping area. It could also include labeling and weighing, among other things.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Systems

No matter what the activity happens to be, using an automated packaging system means that you’ll be able to predict precise time frames. You’ll also be able to reduce or remove human error.

Automated packaging systems can help you streamline your workflow. Plus, you can redirect your employees to less mundane tasks.

Consider Automated Packaging Systems for Your Printing Business

If you haven’t implemented robotics for your company so far, consider checking it out. You’ll be able to save time and increase productivity. This will result in cost benefits for you and your customers!

If you would like to set up automated packaging systems for your business, Significans Automation can help. We have experience in evaluating business workflows and designing custom automated systems.

We invite you to check out the case studies on our website and contact us today!

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