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It’s estimated that the industrial robotics industry could reach more than $70 billion by 2023. Automated packaging systems come with a host of benefits, from saving companies thousands of dollars to streamlining the process and cutting down on labor time.

Do you want to learn more about how robots and software can improve your packaging company? If so, keep reading. We cover all you need to know about the benefits and the latest technology making automated packaging easy.


The way that packaging automation works, you can tailor the automation process to fit your business. Whatever your needs are, you can find a solution that works. For instance, you may want to go full automation or semi-automated, depending on your production needs.

Whatever the case, opting for packaging automation can vastly increase your business’ efficiency. After all, automating the process using robots and software is much faster than doing the job by hand. Also, you can account for a limited workforce and still maintain efficiency.

Right now, due to COVID-19, many businesses have fewer workers on-site and are relying more heavily on automation.


Automated packaging systems can help reduce mistakes since you remove the element of human error. Programmable tasks help to “direct” a robot on what to do.

There are many applications and possibilities in the packaging industry. For example, robots with sensors can see, hear, and respond to their environment. This can allow them to sense moving obstacles or spot errors and improve inspections during quality control.

Maybe your company could benefit from a mobile packaging station or a smaller robot that can move through tight spaces. Maybe you need a robot that can move pallet loads. As technology improves, more possibilities open up.

Fewer Defects

Adding onto the last point, automated solutions can help reduce defects. Any defects or problems with the packaging can cost a company both materials and money. Using robots, it’s now possible to reduce errors and automate quality control.

Robotics in the packing industry can help reduce or eliminate issues, such as mislabelling, with both labels and packaging. The result is fewer defects, fewer mistakes, and less money wasted on products you need to dispose of.

Take on More Projects

Switching to automated packaging allows companies to take on more projects and put out more products. Companies that rely on robotics also save time on these tasks, performing jobs in a matter of seconds that would have taken much longer otherwise.

Save Money

As we mentioned, automation ensures the quality of the label and packaging, which can cut costs.

Additionally, robotics help to improve the safety of the work environment. Robots can operate in areas that might have been hazardous to humans and reduce risks of injury. This can help reduce accidents and prevent companies from losing workers due to injuries requiring time off.

You can also program robots to look for obstacles and hazards and react accordingly.

Utilize Robots and Software for Your Business

These examples are just a few of the many ways robots and software can help make a packaging company more efficient.

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