For faster access and easier communication, every member of the Significans Automation team resides in the United States or in Canada.

Significans Automation is a dedicated team of customized workflow automation and integration specialists with over 100 years of combined, hands-on, print-shop operations experience. What sets us apart is our commitment to the industry we call “home.” You can expect direct and easy access to seasoned experts across all North American time zones.

Significans Automation’s Local Advantage
With the privilege of being local, we have serviced hundreds of commercial and packaging printers across the U.S. Unlike others, we are reinforcing our local presence to circumvent offshoring customer support. In other words, we have no offices located overseas and most importantly, we continue to increase rather than reduce our staff.

Imperatively, we pride ourselves in communicating clearly and in a timely manner from the moment you contact us. We recognize the critical role this plays in identifying the best automation initiatives for your shop’s unique production needs. In a competitive landscape, this can make the difference between future financial success and simply surviving day-to-day.

Most of our valued customers live in North America
Our valued customers are spread across North America from East to West and North to South Our experts have serviced the production floors of leading print and packaging print shops at these locations during our 6 years in business. We have forged partnerships with management and employees alike and delivered unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings. Our experiences have also made us familiar with the daily production issues our clients face, as well as the unique challenges specific to their local markets. In every single case, we’ve collaborated with our clients to achieve never-before-realized results that include:

• Up to a 90% increase in overall efficiency
• Savings of $7,500 per month
• A 30% increase in yearly capacity
• Imposition times cut from one day to less than one hour
• Production output doubled without adding employees
• Several hours of employee work reduced to mere minutes
• Job preparation times reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes
• Prepress hours reduced by 50%
• Productivity increased from 10 to over 50 jobs a day
• Labor costs cut by over 50%
• Up to an 800% reduction in prepress staff requirements
• A Return on Investment (ROI) measured in weeks and months, not years

At Significans Automation, we emphasize building lasting relationships with every customer. We view ourselves not just as software vendors but as partners deeply invested in our clients’ ongoing success. Above all, we maintain a friendly first-name basis with our clients and are always available to answer any of our customers’ questions as they continue their journey to full in-shop automation.

If you contact us today, we will pick up the phone and help you with your research!

When you call us, you will be placed in direct contact with a member of our team who has years of firsthand experience specific to print and packaging shops across North America – and who knows the industry and its workflow software products inside-out. As you can imagine, the trust starts from the first spoken words. So, when you speak with a valued member in fluent English, your research will be accelerated. Essentially, you will never speak to a salesperson or a third-party representative. We have none.

For a review of your shop’s specific workflow automation needs, please call Significans Automation at 1-877-463-4465 or visit To review the unprecedented results from printers across the U.S. and in Canada at the locations mentioned above, please visit

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