It’s often what you don’t see in your day-to-day printing activities that could transform your business into an ultra-efficient, cost-cutting, profit-generating machine that you never imagined was possible!

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”
– Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple

The hectic routine of meeting daily deadlines, maintaining top print quality and keeping customers and employees happy, requires hard work, dedication, and a laser focus on what’s important. But isn’t the future of your business just as crucial as the present?

When was the last time you paused, took a step back, and worked ‘on your business’ instead of working ‘in your business’? When was the last time you researched the print industry thoroughly and pursued technology that you consider radically different? Remember, there was a time when even the most discerning commercial printers questioned the importance of creating a digital storefront. Today, most printers simply cannot survive without an online presence.

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t see that could unlock new efficiencies and untapped cost savings that you never thought possible. You owe it to yourself to explore each and every corner of our ever-evolving printing industry and seek out something new and something different to improve your business.

The ‘invisible’ technology
It’s no surprise that software often takes a backseat to its more ‘sexy’ hardware counterpart. Sure, buying an expensive new press is exciting. Clients and potential customers see it in action, the masterpieces it produces, and are equally impressed. But try running the press without software (i.e., its Digital Front End or DFE)! Bottom line: Automation software simply isn’t that exciting. It is, however, critical to the present and future success of any business.

For example, have you ever used analytics software to identify areas in your company where costs can be reduced, and processes can be streamlined? Do you want real-time insights into all your shop’s operations and performance, so you can make better-informed buying decisions? Do you know which departments are making money and which are underperforming?

An odyssey awaits you
Better still, have you ever considered a customized workflow automation setup that can seamlessly integrate virtually every aspect of your print operation – from order intake and quoting, to prepress, printing, finishing, billing and final delivery? We urge you to explore all that’s out there, especially in the ‘invisible’ realm of workflow automation software. You might be surprised what you’ll discover during your odyssey.

You might be impressed to learn that printing and packaging print companies worldwide are experiencing up to a 90% increase in overall efficiency, a 30% increase in yearly capacity, several hours of employee work reduced to minutes, job prep times reduced from 8 hours to 5 minutes, productivity increases from 10 to over 50 jobs a day, labor costs cut by over 50%, and on and on and on – with an ROI measured in weeks and months, rather than years.

These figures are derived from Significans Automation’s case studies, including one that achieved recognition. This particular case study was honored with the Third Place award for “Best Sponsor Case Study Presentation” in the Roll-to-Roll Graphics category at the Wide-Format Summit held July 24-26, 2023, at the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

These successful companies have one thing in common. They took bold action and explored new areas of our wonderful industry that would help take their business to the next level. We urge you to “explore” the potential.

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