embracing automation

There is no denying that the world is changing. The digital revolution is reshaping the business world into one where industries rely on automated and networked processes. Automation in the workplace is helping businesses accomplish high volumes of tasks in a fraction of the time it takes using non-automated methods.

Businesses can choose to incorporate partial or total automation in their processes. This automation comes in the form of software, machine learning, and robotic industrial equipment. In 2020, Oracle found that the number of businesses fully automating one business function had risen to 66%, an increase of 9% over the previous two years.

Now is the time to embrace automated systems to create faster, more efficient business practices.

Embracing Automated Business Practices

There are many benefits from incorporating automated business practices. A fully digital company has a much lower cost and environmental impact than a business that still relies on paper products. It is much faster to search for digitized documents as well, rather than wasting time sifting through paper documents for the correct one.

An automated business also increases employee morale. Employees are happier without constantly performing mundane and tedious tasks. Automating repetitive tasks not only improves employee morale but frees up their time to tackle more pressing matters.

With automated systems, there is a sense of closeness and collaboration. Employees have quicker, easier access to collaborate on issues and innovations.

In the printing industry, Significans Automation, found that automated systems have increased capacity 30% year over year, a marked improvement over previous performance. Many businesses cannot afford to ignore the undeniable results of a complete systems overhaul.

Profiting from Automated Systems

Adopting automated systems results in massive financial benefits. Significans Automation finds that after deploying their automated solutions, time savings increased by 90%, and productivity increased by 96X. It is not possible to deny that incorporating automated business systems is the future of many industries.

One such industry that benefits from automated systems is the printing and packing industry. Printing and packaging business operations that adopt automated packing systems and package automation are far more profitable than their non-automated counterparts.

Industry professionals reap the benefits of automated systems by utilizing improved customer experience, upgraded life cycle management, diminishing process bottlenecks and advanced quality control.

Business owners also benefit from automated packing systems that streamline customer service, order engineering and label production. These systems remove mundane tasks that become a massive time and productivity sink, freeing your workers to focus on the tasks that matter.

Become Automated Now

Deviating from what has always worked is a daunting experience, but the costs saved and value created by embracing automated systems far outweigh the price of clinging to the past. Businesses will rely on automated practices to compete and thrive in the future. Do not wait, the future won’t. To begin your business evolution, reach out today.

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