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Immediate diagnosis and fixing of problems is an ever-increasing necessity

Has this ever happened to you? Your current workflow system crashes, and out of desperation you immediately:

  1. Call your software vendor, only to wait hours and even days for your support ticket to be acknowledged. When they finally reply, it becomes evident that their tech-support rep doesn’t have the knowledge to solve your problem immediately, so you’re transferred to someone with more expertise (notably someone who knows their software ecosystem, not yours).
  2. You waste time wading through pages and pages of a supplied software guide or manual, in a last-minute attempt to fix the problem yourself.
  3. You waste more time exchanging e-mails, or in online chat boxes with company reps, trying to get immediate solutions.


Meanwhile, the software issue continues to cause production slowdowns, more printing errors as manual processes must be used, poorer print quality, increased employee stress – and above all, missed deadlines and unhappy customers who may never use your services again. All this chaos and lost revenue from a malfunction in your software!



I recently needed an HR matter resolved quickly and was privileged to chat with Messeret Tessera of Peninsula Human Resources, which has offices in Toronto and Vancouver. I was amazed at how quickly she and her team solved my problem. She characterized Peninsula as “ER for HR” (Emergency Room for Human Resources).


Inspired by her comments, it occurred to me that Significans Automation has now become the “ER for Prepress” in our industry– especially given the growing complexities of workflow software, combined with the waning quality of personal, one-on-one service in many industries today. At Significans Automation, we’re getting more and more calls to fix existing problems with workflow software from other suppliers.


What ever happened to good, old-fashioned, face-to-face personal service?

When was the last time you talked to a human being who had the empathy – and expertise – to listen to your problems and offer solutions immediately? Instead, you’re expected to talk to an answering “bot,” or wait for e-mail or chat-room responses, as your situation worsens. The onus should never be on a printer/customer to solve software problems; it should be on your workflow software provider. Period! This is one of the few downsides of the digital age, which seems to have forgotten the human element…..the enormous benefits of personal face-to-face service…..someone you can actually talk to who is heavily invested in your success.


We’re your Emergency Room (ER) for Prepress

We all know that commercial printing and packaging is a deadline-driven, service-based manufacturing business. Therefore, downtime of any kind is simply not acceptable. Workflow software issues, especially in prepress, are always urgent and therefore any fix is vital. Some may refer to these problems as “glitches.” This euphemistic cliché makes it sound like an issue can be fixed with a single mouse click. It can’t. And, like any illness, if left untreated a business will begin hemorrhaging profits. I believe that every workflow software issue is an emergency requiring immediate and decisive action.


When you walk into any hospital Emergency Room (ER) today, you’re cared for based on “triage.” This preliminary assessment assesses your risks on the spot, and the most urgent cases always get treated first. Well guess what? In a print shop, every (I mean every) production interruption is urgent because a barrage of daily deadlines must be met. Yes, our team can provide highly customized, end-to-end workflow integration solutions. But we can also provide the type of fast, quick-fix, ER-type care needed to alleviate the enormous pressure that printers endure when their workflow software systems fail. Plus, we always act with a deep sense of urgency because we know your business – and your reputation – are at stake.


Your software emergency is our emergency

For example, recently I was asked to help a U.S.-based printer get its workflow systems up and running after a prepress employee abruptly left the company. Our team immediately walked staffers through the shop’s existing software, diagnosed the problem, fixed it, and guided them back to previous efficiency levels – in just 3 hours!


Automation doesn’t have to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition

Some printers might think that highly customized, end-to-end workflow integration of all your critical in-shop processes is a time-consuming operation. Well, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to get everything done at once. You can automate individual departments and specific processes, realize the cost savings and fast ROI, then move on to other areas that need improvement. And that includes workflow software “emergency” situations, especially in prepress. In fact, lately our team has been getting more and more urgent requests to fix issues with prepress workflow software supplied by other vendors. I expect this trend to continue into 2024 and beyond.


Finally, rest assured that our team knows, inside-out, the intricacies of the most popular workflow software solutions on the market today. We know their strengths and weaknesses, where and when they should be deployed, and how to connect them seamlessly to your existing presses and finishing equipment. We can offer objective, vendor-neutral solutions that result in the best outcomes. Partnering with us is like having a workflow software ‘broker’ who shops the industry to bring you the best software integration solutions at the best prices for your very specific production environment.

Bottom line: Your customers expect you to have their printed pieces delivered when they need them. You should demand no less from your current workflow software supplier – and get the help you need when you need it. If they can’t provide this type of urgent, personalized, ER-type service, we will.

If you’re experiencing problems with your current workflow software, and need immediate help, please call Significans Automation at 1-877-463-4465. You’ll be directed not to a salesperson or a third party, but to one of our regional workflow automation and integration experts who has years of production-floor experience. Good luck in 2024 and beyond!

– Marc Rad, President, Significans Automation

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