As a gold sponsor, Significans Automation had a major presence at the annual Digital Packaging Summit 2022 in Ponte Verda, Florida from November 8th to 10th 2022 where it brought together various corrugated packaging leaders and users to showcase the benefits of workflow automation.

One such case study session had John Kelley CEO of Orlando-based Dusobox share his company’s experience implementing an integrated and streamlined prepress workflow interfaced with client portals, created by Significans Automation.

Pilot Project Launch

Kelley’s presentation described how, early in 2022, it partnered with one of its corrugate sheet suppliers, Jackson Paper, which had just purchased the HP PageWide C500 digital press to create a new digital printing trade printing division called Sustainable Printing.

Dusobox became the pilot customer for the new business model, and the companies turned to Significans Automation to build the automation infrastructure required.

Building the Automation Backbone

According to Kelley, “The challenges we had to solve included: using a brand new technology; we had to be able to upload files; preflighting had to be seamless; we had to minimize the number of touches; online proofing was imperative; and color management was the most critical part of the deliverable.”

Dusobox looked to its trusted supplier to create a path to truly sustainable growth, and within 3 weeks Significans Automation performed an accelerated deployment using their newly launched Turbo Switch Packs concept, a bundle of software and services for rapid automation deployments.

The solution included:

  • Turbo Switch Pack for digital printing including Enfocus Switch for preflight, proofing and approvals,
  • Tilia Phoenix for the imposition,
  • and Significans Automation development services for the automated digital workflow,
  • as well as GMG for the color-managed RIP and printing.

Quantifiable Results and a Speedy ROI

The results according to Kelley were incredible, and the pilot project has been a resounding success. “It’s been a year, and we’ve had an eight-fold reduction in prepress staff requirements, including quicker turnaround times, and smaller runs and all of that has enhanced the client experience.” Significans Automation built a robust infrastructure that has been integral to the success of this exciting new venture and delivered an ROI of under six months.

Kelley concluded his presentation with a quote from Roland Greene, Director of Prepress and Workflow Technologies at Dusobox, who said, “Significans found a way to give us exactly what we needed and save us valuable time and manpower while reducing the potential for costly errors.”

The success of the automation project and its strong presence at the Digital Packaging Summit demonstrate Significans Automation’s ongoing leadership role in the printing and packaging business landscape and the unquestionable benefits of workflow automation.

Demystifying Automation

Do you feel that automated workflows are too complex to implement? If you’d like to eliminate touchpoints in preflight, imposition, and approvals, contact us today to learn about how our new Turbo Switch Packs can simplify the process and deliver measurable results.

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