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Canadian employers in the printing and packaging industry should consider using government grants and incentives when hiring and training young employees such as interns and graduates. Government grants for hiring and training can reduce the burden on cashflow and be utilized to hire new staff while reinforcing their existing skills and building upon new ones. Ultimately, training grants can help Canadian printers and packaging converters improve the quality and quantity of work that their new and existing staff are able to perform.

The Canada Job Grant (CJG) is a federal incentive that helps employers reduce the costs associated with third-party employee training programs. Funding support varies from province to province. The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) offsets up to 50-83% of businesses’ training costs to a maximum $10,000 to $15,000 per trainee.

Once a candidate has been chosen and hired, supervisors and managers usually shift their focus to employee onboarding, which often includes a focus on job-specific skills. The Canada Job Grant can help reduce the cost of third-party training programs that focus on improving business function. For printing and packaging businesses, these CJG grants can help new and current staff with training to improve skills relating to workflow training, prepress training, and pre-flight development training. Of most significance, these training grants can help businesses gain prepress workflow automation knowledge that will enable production efficiencies. Packaging along with digital small and large format operations achieve the greatest benefits due to the potential costly errors associated with complex jobs. Grant benefactors have stated that training, along with compatible technologies and processes, ensured standardization and quality.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG): Employee Training Grants for Printing and Packaging Businesses

In most provinces, Canadian printing and packaging businesses can receive up to 50-83% of eligible training costs to implement training programs that lead to employees’ improved skillsets. This section will further explore the Canada Job Grant via its Ontario variant, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). While the program is not unlike other provinces’, each variation supports unique eligibility criteria. Be sure to consult your province’s unique criteria prior to application.

How Much Funding is Available?

  • Large Employers (100+ Employees): Up to 50% of eligible training expenses to a maximum $10,000 per trainee.
  • Small Employers (<100 Employees): Up to 83% of eligible training expenses to a maximum $10,000 per trainee.
  • Small Employers Hiring and Training Unemployed Individuals: Up to 100% of eligible training costs to a maximum $15,000 per trainee.

Employer Eligibility

To receive COJG funding, employers must:

  • Maintain operations in Ontario;
  • Provide cash contributions to pay non-grant-covered training costs;
  • Abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act; and
  • Have sufficient Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or private workplace safety insurance.

Training Eligibility

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant also maintains specific criteria to evaluate the eligibility of training programs. To access COJG grants, training must:

  • Take place in Ontario;
  • Be led by a qualified third-party training provider;
  • Deliver training that directly relates to a business’ needs; and
  • Not exceed one year in duration.

How to Apply for COJG Training Grants

To receive COJG funding for an upcoming printing and packaging training project, employers must submit a comprehensive application package consisting of a company overview, detailed training plans, and multiple vendor quotes. Typically, applications are reviewed within 2-4 weeks.

To discuss your business’ eligibility and learn how to optimize the application process, please contact Mentor Works.

Author: Alena Barreca – As a Marketing Coordinator at Mentor Works, Alena helps Canadian business owners by creating educational content about government funding.

Mentor Works is a business support organization specializing in Canadian government funding. The Ontario-based business has helped hundreds of businesses build and execute their funding strategy through a mix of federal and provincial government grants, loans, and tax credits. Mentor Works offers free online resources, funding webinars, and news via their website at www.mentorworks.ca.

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