With every new year comes renewed hope for the success of your business, especially after an exhausting two years of Covid-19. But here you are, back on our feet, and doing your best.

If the lockdown has taught us one new life lesson, surely it is this: You are resilient, but most of all, you can cope with major change. At the beginning of each pandemic workday, you simply had no choice. In fact, you learned not just to accept change, but you embraced it, with all its uncertainties. So why not continue to embrace change and encourage your staff to do so?

What’s the difference? Well, embracing change can be a game-changer for your business. Employees who casually accept change may do it reluctantly, question your motives, and wonder if there will still be a future for them in your company. They may ask: “What will happen to me eventually.” This will lead to a “who cares?” culture that erodes enthusiasm and initiative.

It’s up to you to convince your employees to “embrace” change – for them to improve their skills, and for your company to “evolve” and become more profitable. Perhaps you can point out that a more profitable company will grow and help to guarantee job stability. Furthermore, a more skilled employee will feel more valued and empowered as a key part of your team.

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft, once said: “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in, so that you don’t really even notice it – so it’s part of everyday life.” That’s what we do at Significans Automation. We provide best-in-class customized workflow solutions that result in full print-shop automation, unprecedented savings in time, processes and labor, and increased profits never realized before. It happens in our clients’ print shops routinely, day in day out, without any fanfare. Our collaborative solutions have become part of their everyday business life. However, we couldn’t have accomplished this without a 100% buy-in from management and employees alike. They embraced change and today are reaping the benefits.

So, instead of a stagnant “make do” culture, opt for a “what if” workplace. What if employees could disagree openly without fear, and suggest new ways to make your company more profitable? What if they tell you exactly what’s preventing them from working at their very best. What if production staff could add to their skills by using new, ultra-efficient workflow software and set their goals much higher? What if full customization could result in significant year-over-year savings and increased profits that you never dreamed were possible?

Most of all, what if you had more time to work on your business and grow your company’s sales, rather than working mostly in your business on time-consuming day-to-day production issues. Contact us today and let’s explore your “what ifs” together.

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