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In recent decades, digitization and front-end automation have completely transformed the printing and packaging world. Although much is celebrated about the transformation in the 1990s from analog to digital, it wasn’t until 2011, widely recognized as the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, that the stage was truly set for the incorporation of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

That year brought the onset of smart technology, wide-scale machine-to-machine communication, and the ability for data from embedded sensors and software to be collected and exchanged over the Internet without human intervention (i.e. The Internet of Things).

Manual or operator-assisted front end tasks and processes can now be fully automated, including forced file compliance, automated preflighting, optimized scheduling, improved data reporting, and trend analysis. Industry leaders have taken this automation to the ultimate level and have incorporated modern robotics for true AI.

Although it seems daunting, one doesn’t have to be an industry giant to enjoy the business value associated with AI. Click here for Significans’ roadmap to automation which will demystify the process and get you started on the right path.

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