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As printers, packaging converters, and brand-owners in the industry, your speed to market is essential. Significans Automation is a software integrator that can simplify your processes and systems by customizing your entire workflow.

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Do you expect more from your business?

You have implemented some process improvement, yet resources are strained, and obstacles still exist. Ready to make a move towards your future in a small or big way? Automation is necessary and possible with Significans Automation.

Take hold of a Modern Vision: touchless, handsfree, unmanned, end-to-end integration, lights-out production.
Significans Automation can make your Transformation a Reality.

Meet your Integration Experts

Significans Automation develops and integrates custom automated workflows.

As your coach, we implement a trusted methodology to advance your business.


The ROI measurement on the investment and technology is significant.
Adoption is easy. Profit from new business opportunities such as E-commerce or Web-to-print with exceptional time savings.


Our customers have reported time savings of 90%, and up to 800% increase in productivity


Replace countless hours of labor with minutes of automated tasks


Sophisticated automated workflows built with ease


Workflows such as Esko Automation and Enfocus Switch, tailored to your individual needs

From our clients

“Significans Automation helped take our underutilized Automation Engine prepress workflow software and customize it so that it is integrated into our business.”

– Scott Nowokunski, President Boingo Graphics

“We are now able to process our orders more efficiently with fewer errors, increasing our capacity by 30% year over year.”

– Greg Wright, President Wright Global Graphics

“We can now get a job on our printer 60% faster than we used to, making our automation a reality!”

– James Hawton, Director of IT & Design Bay Cities

“Significans Automation had partnered with us to help us succeed, and with an agile implementation, we were able to stick to our timeline and meet all our goals and objectives.”

– Joe Lydic, Art Director ProAmpac

“Significans not only structured the overall approach but taught our team how to configure, allowing us to manage and innovate our processes on an ongoing basis.”

– Brendan Howard, President Category 5

“We can now process thousands of unique jobs per day with minimal hands-on interaction, which has minimized human errors and increased our profitability.”

– Dan Neto, President Print Geek

“Significans built on to our existing workflows to include more automation, which cut the time spent preparing graphics and proofing by 50%.”

– Neil Waldrop, COO/Owner  Century Printing and Packaging

“Virtual InkBooks™ has given us the ability to print across platforms and operators with increased consistency and reduced make-ready times.”

– Jim Hawton, Director of IT Bay Cities

“What’s really been huge for us is Significans’ willingness and ability to try new things and to deliver a solution for every suggestion and request we made. We ask them, and they just figure it out.”

– Roland Greene, Director of Prepress and Workflow Technologies, Dusobox

Your Clients & Suppliers will Love It!

Boost the user experience with a customized interface and efficient results in planning, management, and campaigns.


Increase in Efficiency

Full-service corrugated packaging company

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Increase in Capacity Year over Year.  

Graphic branding and labelling communications company

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Mission Statement

Integration is key to Automation

Adoption of workflow automation is the clear choice with the emergence of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Automation doesn’t supersede talent. With automation, talent is freed up to succeed.™

Solving the industry’s biggest problems

As a software and process integrator, Significans Automation delivers increased profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling Artificial Intelligence to facilitating new revenue opportunities in Web-to-print and E-commerce.